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About Inmould Foil Charger


The magic in-mould charger is used to impart static charge to the transparent label or picture foil, by virtue of which the foil when placed in a particular place in the die adheres to the surface of the die and is not displaced even by the injection flow of molten plastic material. The hot plastic envelopes the label or picture foil, making it an integral part of the molded object.  The foil is thus embedded on the article at the desired position. Multicolored foil printed on Hypalon films are used for the application.



The in-mould foil charger is mainly used to beautify the product by embedding multi colored foils on injection molded articles during the process of injection molding. The process of applying the film/label during injection molding eliminates a secondary step for pad/ screen printing/ label application/ corona or flame treating. More importantly, the end result is permanent. This makes it especially attractive for product-liability. In-mould foil charging is also cleaner and more sanitary because there’s less handling of the product. And recyclability is enhanced if the label material is the same as that of the molded part.

Although there are numerous ins and outs of in-mold labeling technology, one of the most important considerations is how the label is held in place in the injection molding tool. In many applications, electrostatics offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to the use of vacuum for holding the label in its proper location in the die. This approach can provide distinct benefits to the molder as well as the molder’s customer and the end user.

The difference between glue applied labels and in-mold labels is that a glue applied label is stuck "on" the surface of the plastic object; the in-mold label is embedded "in" the wall of the object.


Plastic items like bucket, casseroles, coasters, tiffin, water jug, tray, mug, lunch box, compass box, water bag, bucket, tumbler, ice pail, thermo ware products, and many other household, advertising and gift items which can be injection moulded.

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