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Electrostatic Flocking

Electrostatic Flocking

Flocked components are installed in almost every automobile. Its advantages as thermal and acoustic isolation, allows it to be used in window channels, door sealings, glove boxes and other compartments, seats, door panels and ceiling, pillars A-B-C, and also inside different parts to reduce noise and vibrations.


Construction material mainly Flocked for its technical application. For example, for applying a functional interlayer for insulation, aiding adhesion or bridging tolerances. In addition, flocking is used for decorative purpose.

Construction Material

In recent years, flocking has made the use of brushes obsolete in many cases. Cosmetic applicators are flocked to achieve a storage function and soft application of cosmetics. 


In addition to the classic applications, Flocking is finds its application for decoration of gift articles and decorative objects.

Decorative Objects

In recent times Flocking on Footwear products has being gaining trend rapidly. Footwear products are flocked for a luxurious appeal and soft texture.