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About Electrostatic Flocking


The Flocking process involves application of short monofilament fibers, usually nylon/rayon directly onto a substrate that has been previously coated with an adhesive. . With the help of a High Voltage generator unit the flock particles are charged causing them to stand erect. The fibers are anchored into the adhesive at right angles to the substrate. The diameter of the individual flock strand is only a few thousandths of a centimeter and ranges in length from
0.05 to 5mm. 


Only electrostatic flocking process can fix flock particles vertically erect which give sharp results which can also be obtained in high flocked density which adds charm to product. Such results are impossible by hand process, as the flock particles do not stick vertically.

The possibilities of giving an additional, new characteristic by applying flock are hugely versatile. Electrostatic Flocking not only enhances visual appearance but also has several technical advantages.

  • Anti-Reflective property

  • Comfort

  • Enhanced hepatics and appearance

  • Friction & non friction application

  • Insulation

  • Mechanical sound insulation

  • Sealing off

  • Sound absorption

  • Slip-arresting

  • Surface protection

  • Thermal insulation

  • Tolerance adjusting

  • Vibration Noise cancellation


Flock finds its application on various items. Anything which can be silked screened or sprayed with adhesive, like Textile Fabrics, Sarees, T-shirts, Hosiery Garments, Vacuum formed Packaging inserts, Jewellery boxes, Briefcase, EVA & PVC Footwear, Automobile Rubber & EPDM (channels) Profiles, Foam rubber, Wallpapers, Plastics, Wood, Metal, Leather, Fibre Glass, Rubber, Papers, Thermocol, Greetings & Wedding Cards, Toys, and Novelty items.

In short think of anything and you can give a velvet finish to it.

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